The idea

Glasses are expensive and often mediocre mass-produced goods from the Far East. We believe this needs to change and therefore set sail to found VIU, an eyewear company with a fresh perspective, challenging the established rules in the eyewear industry.

Swiss design, the highest quality standards of an Italian family business, and reasonable prices are not contradictory for us. When all three factors meet then eyewear can be a lot of fun. We distribute our glasses in fashion stores because that’s where we believe they belong: in a design context that offers rich fashion expertise giving you the style advice you'd never find at a regular optician.

With VIU, we consciously don't want to imitate big labels and/or sell mass-produced glasses. Instead, we want to create an emotional product that provides lasting value for our clients, partners, and society.

We believe, it's about time.

The founding team

The VIU team was founded in winter 2012/2013 by 5 founders, who all bring different experiences and skills to the table:

Responsible for the design are Fabrice Aeberhard and Christian Kaegi. Both have studied Industrial Design at the Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) before starting their own design studio Aekae. They have many years of experience in product and interor design and are - amongst others - the creative minds behind the bag label Qwstion.

Kilian Wagner and Peter Käser complement the team from the managerial perspective. Both alumni of the University of St. Gallen (HSG) they are responsible for the strategic and operative management.

The team is completed by Dominik P. D. Müller. As the owner of the Optician "Müller Optik Zürich AG" he's closely involved in the product development and quality assurance to make sure, that all our customers profit from a clear view.