The idea

VIU prescription glasses and sunglasses unite brilliant design with a transparent manufacturing process and fair prices.

VIU neither wants to imitate major labels nor follow mass production lines. The sole aim is to create utterly unique and inspirational products.

The collections are designed in Switzerland by Fabrice Aeberhard, VIU’s Creative Director. Each individual pair is then crafted in more than 80 manual steps at a traditional manufacturer in the Italian Dolomites and on Honshū Island.

By delivering directly from the manufacturer to the customer, VIU offers high-quality design and sustainable products at revolutionary prices.

The Team

Founded in Winter 2012/2013 in Switzerland and expanded in the beginning of 2015 to Germany, the VIU management team consists of 5 members, each bringing different and complementary experiences and skills to the table:

Fabrice Aeberhard studied Industrial Design at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste (ZHdK) before starting his own design studio Aekae (2006-2015). With many years of experience in product and interior design, he’s now responsible for the product-, store- and brand design.

Kilian Wagner and Peter Käser complete the team from the managerial perspective. Both alumni of the University of St. Gallen (HSG), Kilian and Peter are responsible for the strategic and operative management.

As of 2015, Johannes Heinrich joined the team as the Managing Director of Germany and Austria. Johannes is an alumni of HSG and former consultant at Boston Consulting group.